Over the years, I have been blessed to attend some of the most amazing concerts! Here are a few:

1- Rascal Flatts- Me And My Gang Tour (opening act-Darius Rucker)

I don’t remember the exact date, but I do know this was the Me And My Gang Tour. Darius Rucker opened, and Rascal Flatts were AMAZING as always. (This was not my first time seeing them live:)

2- Tim McGraw- Southern Voice Tour-7.14.10 (opening act- Lady Antebellum)

Lady Antebellum opened for Tim, and this was my first time seeing them live! I stood there in awe the whole time! And of course when they sang Need You Now, I freaked out:)

And of course Tim McGraw was just breathtaking! He is always so entertaining and fun! (This wasn’t my first time seeing Tim live either:)

3- Lady Antebellum- Need You Now Tour-9.28.10 (opening act- David Nail)

David Nail opened up for Lady A and he was really good:) He definitely has come a long way since 2010!

This night could not have been any more perfect! We were 7th row and Hillary, Dave, and Charles made eye contact with me at least once! I look back at this night and feel excited all over again! They were pretty much amazing and it couldn’t have gotten any better!

4- Taylor Swift- Speak Now-7.24.11

No wonder why she always wins entertainer of the year!! It was my first time seeing Taylor live and she sounded amazing!! I just stood there in awe the whole night, everything was so surreal.

5- Tim McGraw- Emotional Traffic Tour- 7.29.11 (opening acts- The Band Perry, Luke Bryan)

The Band Perry opened for Luke Bryan, and they sounded great!! I loved every minute of them performing:) They were amazing!

Then Luke Bryan opened for Tim.  It was my first time seeing Luke live and he was really amazing! I have to admit that I was really impressed!

It’s Tim McGraw…need I say more? HE WAS AMAZING:)

6- Lady Antebellum- Own the Night: Unplugged-9.13.11

This night will always hold a special place in my heart. Own The Night: Unplugged was when they went to 5 different cities and introduced their new album. I was extremely lucky to go the day Own The Night came out (September 13th). They left me speechless, it was an unforgettable night!!

7- Hunter Hayes- Most Wanted Tour-1.25.12

Not only was this my first time seeing Hunter live, but he also touched my hand. And to make things even better, we had first row:) Hunter left me speechless and in awe the whole night.

8-Rascal Flatts-Thaw Out Tour- 2.18.12- (opening acts- Hunter Hayes, Sara Evans)

This night will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart, this is the night that I met Hunter Hayes:) Even though he only sang 5 songs, it was so amazing! He left me speechless.

It was my first time seeing Sara Evans live and I was really impressed! She sounded amazing and interacted with the crowd:)

Rascal Flatts NEVER seem to disappoint me! They were hilarious as always, and sounded amazing!

9- One Direction-3.9.12

One Direction opened for Big Time Rush (I’m not a fan of BTR, no offense to you Rushers). They were AMAZAYN!!! We were lucky enough to have Zayn at the concert (after his relative had passed away). They sounded great and interacted with the crowd:)

10- Lady Antebellum-Own The Night Tour- 5.3.12- (opening acts- Thompson Square, Darius Rucker)

Shawna and Keifer were amazing!!! Even though they only sang about 5 songs, I was still amazed! And they were amazing when they performed with Lady A and Darius:) I used the word “amazing” a lot…..

Just when you think this night couldn’t become any more perfect, it does. This was my second time seeing Darius open for someone and he was awesome! (I used a different “A” word haha:) And of course when he performed with Lady A and Thompson Square it was really cool:)

 Well, Lady A definitely left me speechless and in awe. I can’t express my love for Hillary, Dave, and Charles enough! The way that they treat their fans and put so much effort into each show is just amazing! Just when I think it couldn’t get any better, they bring back Thompson Square and Darius Rucker to sing Blackwater and Midnight Rider. They are walking perfection!!!! Walking freaking perfection!!!!!! Lady A NEVER disappoints!!! I strongly encourage you to see them live, you’ll thank me later:)

9-One Direction-Up All Night Tour- 5.26.12

Well, these boys never fail to amaze me. This night will always hold a special place in my heart:) Not only were they amazing, but the concert venue brought back wonderful memories (I saw Lady A headline at this venue, NYN 2012 Tour). If you didn’t get the opportunity to go see them live, I highly recommend getting the Up All Night Tour DVD! 

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to see my favorite artist in concert. I do have concerts coming up that I will be going to, and I will post pictures shortly after:) Any questions/concerns about a concert can be asked here.